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About Us

Parijat Distributors is a logistics company which commenced in 1989. We have great expertise with respect to storage, distribution, logistics and supply chain on a Pan India scale. Our efficiency has helped our clients in exceeding their sales target and helped increase their turn over tremendously. Our staff and labor strength has increased from 14 people in 1989 to 300 people as on date.

We have dedicated staff working day in / day out if required for focused and lucrative results.

  • Expansion from a 10,000 sq.ft warehouse in 1989 having approximately 500 SKU's and turnover of 11 crores to 50000 sq.ft warehouse in the year 2000 having approximately 1500 SKU's and a turnover of 100 crores.
  • Going forward the SKU's increased to 3,500 resulting in expansion of warehouse from 1,00,000 sq ft to 3,00,000 sq ft and turnover of 1500 crs. (Current Set Up)